Air cargo

Air cargo is forwarded to the nearest destination airport by international airlines. Itʼs an
Airport to airport or airport- Airport- Door Delivery. Air cargo basically from the Nepal
Tribhuwan International airport.

Service: To nearest destination airport / any destination in the world.
Shipment times: 4-10 days /depending on the season and flight availability.
Carrier/airlines used: Cathay pacific airways, Korean airways, Malaysian airways, Thai
airways, Singapore airways, Qatar airways , Etihad airways, Turkish airways, Jet airways,
Emirates airways and other international airlines.
Insurance: Auto insured by the airlines for USD 20 per kg or value of invoice whichever
is less.
Weight/volume: No limit.
Required Documents:

  • Commercial invoice
  • Packaging list
  • Airways bill
  • Certificate of Origin
  • GSP (Generalized system of preferences)
  • Payment in LC/TT
    No matter the size, type and frequency of your cargo, we have a service that fits your needs.